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Kettu Multi Universal ARDF controller

Kettu Multi Logo The 'Kettu Multi' is an AVR microcontroller-based universal ARDF controller. All information about the controller can be found on the Kettu Multi website.

Below some parts are availble that can be used with Kettu Multi controller:

Kettu Multi USB cable

At the PC or laptop side, an FTDI USB to TTL serial UART converter cable is used to communicate with the Kettu Multi Controller.

A pre-assembled cable is available here. At the non-USB side of this cable a specific connection to the Kettu Multi Controller is made by using a male type D-sub 9 (DE-9) connector. The DE-9 connector pin layout is according to the Kettu Multi standard.

This cable will be available in the course of 2024.


Pre-assembled: Yes, no soldering required.
FTDI cable type TTL-234X-3V3
Length: 1.8 meter
USB-side: USB 2.0
D sub side: DE-9 Male type, Kettu Multi standard pinout
TTL voltage level: 3.3 V

Discovery board (expected)

To test and discover the possibilities of a Kettu Multi Controller.

Controller PCB (expected)

A small size Kettu Multi controller PCB.

Part Numbers and Prices

Part Number Name Price [Euro]
KM-USB-TTL-3V3 Kettu Multi USB cable T.B.D.

Additional information about these part numbers:

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