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Portable Repeater Controller

This microprocessor-based Portable Repeater Controller was designed to quickly build a fully functional repeater 'in the field' in less than no time. Due to its universal design it can be used all the way from classroom instruction to 24/7 repeater operation. A fully functional amateur radio repeater system is created by just connecting two radios, an antenna, a power supply and optionally filters.

Examples of the use the Portable Repeater Controller are four amateur radio repeaters PI3ZAZ, PI6ZAZ, PI2GOR and PI6LMS, and a mobile repeater station for mountain rescue activities by the Swiss Alpine Rescue organization.

The Portable Repeater Controller is designed by Leo PA0LEZ (electronics) and Ivo PA1IVO (software) and is made available via Emco Electronics.

EMCO front portable repeater controller




Configurability and remote control

Almost all repeater controller settings are user configurable, which enables repeater builders to create a fully tailor-made system, based on the needs, and of course, personal taste: Configuration settings can be made in four different ways, where the combination of these four configuration options creates a flexible and versatile system:
  1. With a PC connected via the serial interface. By storing different configurations on a PC, different repeater configurations can be activated with just a few mouse clicks.
  2. DTMF remote control via the main receiver input.
  3. DMTF remote control via a sub-band receiver input, creating a private configuration channel. Up to four controllers are addressable and can be connected to a single command receiver.
  4. Locally on the controller, without any additional equipment, by using the LCD and the high quality navigation buttons. In this way, last minutes changes are possible anywhere, anytime.


PCB width x height: 162.8 x 75 mm. See also the PCB Mounting details document.

Licence requirements

Please check your local amateur radio regulations if (additional) licences are required to set up your repeater system.

System integration example

EMCO Portable Repeater Controller system example

Integration Support

We are happy to share our extensive knowlegde about building repeater systems with you. Therefore, Emco Electronics offers free initial integration support to help setting up your (portable) repeater system with a Portable Repeater Controller (the initial integration support consists of e-mail correspondation in English or Dutch).


Firmware Upgrade

The software in the Portable Repeater Controller (PRC) is called the firmware. When a new version of this firmware becomes available, the PRC can be upgraded. Read chapter 10.1 of the instruction manual for all details.

PC software

The PRC Manager is free Windows software for remote configuration and monitoring of the Portable Repeater Controller. Read chapter 10.2 of the instruction manual for all details.

PRC Manager software for monitoring and configuration
Screenshot of the PRC Manager software for remote configuration and monitoring of the Portable Repeater Controller
Screenshot actual size (1280x640)

Part Numbers and Prices

Part Number Name Price [Euro]
PRC-1 Portable Repeater Controller (no housing), see Figures 1 and 2 249.00
PRC-HOUSING Pre-drilled/milled housing for PRC-1, see Figure 3 49.00


Part Number Name Price [Euro]
PRC-SER USB serial cable, required when using the PRC Manager software 36.95
PRC-BTN Set of extra buttons 24.95

Additional information about these part numbers:


EMCO Portable Repeater Controller PCB front
Figure 1: Front view of the PCB with the LCD and navigation buttons (PRC-1)

EMCO Portable Repeater Controller PCB back

Figure 2: Component view of the PCB with main microcontroller (PRC-1)

EMCO Portable Repeater Controller

Figure 3: Portable repeater controller (PRC-1) in housing (PRC-HOUSING)

EMCO Portable Repeater Controller PC cable and extra buttons

Figure 4: USB serial cable (PRC-SER) and an extra set of buttons (PRC-BTN)

EMCO Portable Repeater Controller PI6ZAZ

Figure 5: Portable repeater controller (PRC-1) as part of the 23cm repeater PI6ZAZ

EMCO Portable Repeater Controller PI6ZAZ

Figure 6: Portable repeater controller (PRC-1) as part of a mobile repeater box (picture taken at HAM RADIO 2017)

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